Common Use Cases of Real-time Messaging

Common Use Cases


If asked for a use case for real-time messaging most people will answer: chat! Traditional chat systems are a natural fit for RealMQ. It just needs a thin business layer on top of RealMQ and some smart client side semantics. Luckily we provide some expressive recipes and reference implementations.

Instant Messaging
Connect your users with direct chat and some social flavour to your application. Create classic instant messaging experiences we all know, like WhatsApp and co.
Group Chat
Build chat systems for organizations and communities and their internal peer groups.
In Game Chat
Let the users of your online games chat with each other in lobbies and running game sessions.
Automated chat systems help you to build a faster and more responsive communication with your users.

Complex Role Based Chat Systems

Sometimes classic chat tools aren’t enough. You may want to dispatch support requests, implement a multi stage flow with alternating chat partners, or build an interactive chat menu to route the chat to the right department. With RealMQ you can implement all of them - the limit is your imagination.

Build interactive support systems where incoming requests are automatically dispatched to available members of your support team.
Multi Channel
Receive and send messages over a wide variety of channels like SMS, Email, or Twitter
Complex Flows
Project complex customer journeys onto something simple like a chat. Alternating chat partners guide the customer through relevant stages of a sales conversation.

Real-time Events

Today people are used to real time updates and immediate notifications on important events. They expect instant feedback on all their devices like mobile phone, laptop, or tablet when interacting with the digital world. Real-time events are the key.

Location Updates
Keep clients updated on their delivery status and tell them the exact position of an ordered item.
Real-time Databases
Synchronize data accross multiple distributed devices.
Show visitors on your shop website real-time updates on prices, special offers, or other relevant information to turn them into happy customers.

Signaling / IoT

In a world where everything is connected, more and more devices are able to participate in the Internet of Things. RealMQ's slim and battle proven MQTT protocol ensures that your devices can talk to each other.

Home Automation
Smart home devices talk to each other and synchronize data. E.g. ‘Turn down the heating when the temperature rises’.
Smart Sensors
Measure air quality or water levels and forward results to your central data collector.
Predictive Maintenance
Let your devices tell you when they are about to break.